Stair Building
The collaborative creation of a two story sculpture. As craftsmen and artists we have enjoyed the process of bringing designs to fruition. Our cooperative creations involve clients, architects, designers and artists working together to create these interactive pieces. Interactive because you walk on them and touch them and look at them. It may be the forged iron rails, with elements of fire and the marks of a hammer; or it may be the grain pattern of a tree brought forth in a smooth surface; it may be the natural pattern and solid connection to the earth of a stone tread; it may be the contrasting colors and textures of these materials; it may be the tool marks left by the labor of artists and craftsmen as they create. Whatever it is, our stairways invite you to touch them, look at them, traverse them and to listen to the story about their creation.

    As a working artist and craftsman, my greatest pleasure is this collaborative creative process. As such, I encourage our clients to fully participate in the creation of their stairway.  My commitment is to make not only the stairway a work of art, but to make our creative teamwork a piece of art. What can we create together?

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